The fund address for Guild Super is: GPO Box 1088, Melbourne, VIC 3001. The ABN for Guild Super (Guild Pension) is 22599554834. The USI for Guild Super Guild Pension is 22599554834401. For more information on what these details describe, please scroll down for a more detailed description.

Fast Facts for Guild Super

    SuperFund Name: Guild Super
    Product Name: Guild Pension
    SuperFund ABN: 22599554834
    SuperFund USI: 22599554834401
    SuperFund Phone Number: 1300 665 722
    SuperFund Address: GPO Box 1088
    SuperFund Suburb: Melbourne
    SuperFund State: VIC
    SuperFund Postcode: 3001

Additional Details for Guild Super

If you require additional details for Guild Super try visiting SuperNumber. For details beyond Guild Super USI number, address & abn, SuperNumber is your go to website.

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What is Guild Super's fund address? And why do I need it?

You are required to provide the address of your superfund when you fill out your Super Choice Form. The form asks for the postal address, not the office address of the fund. Ensure you have provided the correct address. the postage address for superfund is most often a PO or Locked Bag address, and differs from the street address of the superfund. This address is primarily used for correspondance between your employer and your superfund. You could also use this address to send documents to your superfund (check with your superfund first, call 1300 665 722).

If this is a new fund for you, your employer may need to provide the fund with some additional details, or they may need to contact the fund in order to receive details on how to make the correct super contribution payments on your behalf. These are some of the reasons you're required to provide the address and phone number of the fund.

What is Guild Super's phone number? And why do I need it?

You need to provide the phone number, for similar reasons you need to provide an address. Without a phone number, your employer would be unable to contact your chosen superfund.

The phone number for Guild Super for the Guild Pension product is 1300 665 722.

Ensure you include this phone number on your Super Choice Form

Super Fund Compliance Letter

In addition to the details provided here, you will also require a letter of compliance from your super fund. The compliance letter states that Guild Super presently complies with the relevant superannuation reguations and is able and willing to accept contributions from your employer.

You can view or download a copy of the Guild Super compliance letter, or by visit the superfunds website.

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Guild Super Summary

Summary of address details for Guild Super Superfund
Superfund: Guild Super
Product: Guild Pension
ABN: 22599554834
Address GPO Box 1088
Suburb Melbourne
State VIC
Postcode 3001
Country Australia
Phone Number 1300 665 722